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We are currently rolling out a new program in which low-income individuals and families can be sponsored for completely free brain-training, stim, and therapy services.  Tiffany Jones is a real person and has offered to help us pilot this program to see if there is interest.  If you are interested in sponsoring Tiffany or another neighbor, please email

Insurance doesn't cover neurofeedback like we need it to.

CPT codes 90875, 90876, and 90901 have been introduced to cover biofeedback services, however many insurance companies will not reimburse for these codes and it is unethical for us to bill therapy for these services even though we are licensed clinicians.

This is why we need grants, donors, sponsors, and help from people like you in order to provide care to needy populations who cannot afford these services.

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In-person services provided at Peachy's Health Smart, 7400 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45236
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