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We take real measurements of your brain and can see neuromarkers for all sorts of mental health disorders and impairments in learning, attention, and peak performance.

And THEN we put you in front of a simple video game and teach your brain to fire optimally without meds and with lasting results!

we put a cap on your
head and fill 19
holes with gel

Electrocap image.png


                                                                                      10min eyes open
       we take recordings of your brain waves:     
    10min eyes closed
                                                                                      20min clicking task


EEG screenshot.png

we make an awesome report showing you ways your brain may not be fully optimized and neuromarkers for various mental health symptoms based on your brainwaves 


EEG report screenshot.png


We set a protocol unique to your brain,
place electrodes on problem areas,
and put you in front of a simple video game task
so that your brain learns to fire optimally


NOTE- Electrodes read brainwaves.
They do not put anything into your brain

How Does Neurofeedback Work? 

The electrodes tell the computer what your brainwaves are doing live.  We set the video game to only let you win if your brainwaves are firing at the right speed and power.  If they are,
the game will work (you'll be rewarded).  If they aren't, the game won't work (losing as a consequence).  Your brain learns to fire the right way to win the game, and then goes, "Oh, wait,
I function better when I fire like this...I think I will keep firing like this," and then it just keeps doing it ON ITS OWN after so many trainings.
This is why NF is permanent :)

We can target:
Mental Interference with Sports/Career Goals
And More!

Neurofeedback is actually FDA approved to TREAT ADHD!!!
That means eliminate symptoms!!!

Lambda screenshot.png
Mu spectra.png
internalizing screenshot.png
social anxiety screenshot.png
migraine screenshot.png
panic spectra.png
anxiety spectra.png
Trauma and fatigue spectra.png

And now introducing:

We are so excited to offer tDCS, tACS, PEMF, and Photobiomodulation as part of our services and have seen clients improve in even less time!

neurofield devices.jpg

Starting points for research:

International Society for Neuroregulation and Research

Isnr-comprehensive-bibliography - ISNR

Articles supporting EEG and QEEG


All about ADHD! The ADD Centre

Home (

Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback society

Research Articles & Abstracts | AAPB

BCIA Neurofeedback Courses

School of Neurotherapy

Sadar Psychological and Sports Center

What is Neurofeedback?

What is Neurofeedback? FAQ, Watch video, Find a Neurofeedback provider in your area, Professional training courses for Clinicians - EEG Info


Restore Mental & Physical Health

Whether you are damaged by trauma, illness, mental health, addiction, job stress, or you are simply seeking optimization in athletic and job performance, our job is to restore and improve functioning in a non-invasive, permanent, and side-effect- free way.

While Neurofeedback and other biofeedback practices are our specialty, we will also educate you about and connect you to other healthy practices for optimal brain health!

But Why

Mental health disorders are treated with medications that are thought to resolve "chemical imbalances" without doctors providing a patient with a scan that can show that the imbalance actually exists for that individual.  The issue is more likely to be that the brain has neurons that are firing too slow, too fast, too high power, or too low power, which prevents the chemicals from being transmitted in time before reabsorbing. 

So, it is true that there is a chemical problem, but it is rooted in an electrical problem because neurons aren't getting chemicals where they need to be in time for something like mood, energy, memory, or attention to function as it should.


At RMWC we perform EEG's to show you where your brain is misfiring!  Once we have a better understanding of how your brain functions, we can develop a training protocol customized to your specific cognitive needs.  With neurofeedback we can train specific areas of your brain to the right frequencies using auditory  visual feedback.


Research shows that neurofeedback reduces symptoms of ADHD, depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, seizure disorders, migraines, and more!  Neurofeedback is not only used to reduce symptoms of mental health disorders; it is also used to maximize the peak performance of athletes and anyone else looking to optimize their brain function. 


Because the effects of trauma, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, stress, along with poor sleep behaviors interfere with results, we provide related services in conjunction with mental health counseling to ensure what we refer to as Whole Self Health

Image by Fakurian Design

“It’s nice to not feel neurotic all the time and I didn’t

have to take a pill to get there.”

"I wish I would have had this so long ago.

I've been to so many doctors. I feel so much better already."

“I can actually keep up in conversations and respond back quickly.  I used to have to think forever about what someone said and before I could respond they would already be on the next topic.  This has been a game changer for keeping up with groups.”


“I can definitely tell I’m expressing myself better.”

“I calm down easily now and don’t spiral

when I’m anxious about something.”

“My daughter is a different kid!”

“I’m aware of what time it is throughout the day now, it’s really weird!”

The Electroencephalogram (EEG)

Sample EEG screenshot with lambda.png

The EEG is a more reliable and individualized diagnostic tool than the DSM-5, which is used by psychiatrists who diagnose MH disorders and then prescribe medications based on generalizations.

The EEG will give you personalized information about your brain's own electrical activity and providers can use it to create med-free neurofeedback protocols to eliminate the root cause rather than the symptoms.

If meds are necessary, the EEG is a wonderful guide for predicting medication efficacy for the individual!

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In-person services provided at Peachy's Health Smart, 7400 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45236
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