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Stephanie Ryall,

Founder & Clinical Director

Steph's goal is to make mental health measurable; to make the invisible visible!  With modern technology and neuroscience she can SHOW you your brain's electrical activity and functional interferences! 

She is focused on providing specialized services for free to underprivileged populations and has started a non-profit to do so.

Steph is in her 8th year of private practice and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Ohio (CSWMFT board), a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) through the NBCC, a board certified Neurotherapist (BCN) through the BCIA, and a Quantitative Electroencephalogram Diplomate with Licensure (QEEG-DL) through the IQCB.  Stephanie has a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling (2015) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (2011).  She specializes in adult psychotherapy, neurofeedback, electroencephalography, and Christian counseling.  Steph treats issues including trauma and adjustment disorders, suicidality, depression, anxiety/panic/OCD, ADHD/ASD and learning disability, marital issues, spiritual problems, bipolar and related disorders, and grief/difficult life transitions.  Steph is well-known for her ability to build rapport with clients and create a comfortable, safe space for sharing.  She makes frequent use of her whiteboard in order to psychoeducate clients about the science behind their issues and creatively individualizes techniques to serve unique client needs.

Sarah Contreras, student

Neurofeedback Technician

This is Sarah C! She is one of our neurofeedback technicians at RMWC. She is a 22' Ross High School grad and is currently attending The University of Cincinnati and majors in Social Work. She plans to receive her master's in Social Work(MSW) to become a mental health counselor. Sarah enjoys singing and is a part of the worship team at her church, she was also part of the Ross Legacy Showchoir in high school. Her current favorite TV shows are "The Good Doctor" and "The Chosen".


Steve Brown, LSW

Chemical Dependency and Christian Counselor

I am a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. Family is a priority, while serving others is an additional blessing and privilege.
I am also a pastor with a ministry emphasis on chemical dependence and homelessness, a licensed social worker with over 45 years in the social service field, including over 30 plus years of substance use disorder specific counseling experience.
I have also been blessed and empowered to develop a Christ centered curriculum and power point presentation entitled “Journey to Deliverance”: addressing “Spirit, Soul and Body in Addiction, Recovery and Deliverance”; “Physical and Psychological Effects of Substance Abuse”; “Craving Management”; “Relapse Prevention”; “Stress Management”; Identifying and Addressing Trauma”; “Anger Management” and “Rebuilding Families Impacted by Substance Use Disorders”. The power point presentation is available in both English and Spanish.
If I were to identify specific areas of competency and emphasis, it would likely involve the restoration of men and their families impacted by substance use disorder and trauma issues. My primarily modes of service provision are Christian counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Sabrina Mignerey,
MS, LPCC, EMDR trained

Off-site Counselor/Equine Assisted Therapy

In addition to contracting as a Neurofeedback Technician for Right Mind Wellness Center, Sabrina is a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) specializing in First Responders and Military Personnel in her own private practice.  Sabrina has a passion for serving first responders and Military personnel in the context of mental and emotional health, while tackling the stigma that surrounds their mental health needs.  Specialized services in her clinical approach include EMDR and Equine Assisted Counseling.  Sabrina is also an equine specialist in mental health and learning, as well as a Wilderness EMT.  Sabrina is a co-founder of “Hold The Line Services.” Hold the Line Services gets first responders outdoors and engaged in real conversations with trusted others while giving them the mental health training and tools for the longevity of their career.


Interested in becoming a technician?


Our Neurofeedback technicians run the brain trainings to help clients achieve peak performance and reduce symptoms of mental distress.  They are warm, caring, and enthusiastic about being a part of each client's unique healing process!

Email to find out more

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision for counselors is provided weekly by Sandy Morgenthal, LPCC-S

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We are currently a Mobile Service due to crosstown demand! 
Meeting sites are White Oak Christian Church for West Side clients, Kenwood for East Side Clients, or your home
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