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Steph Ryall 


This is mental healthcare like you've never experienced.

We call it The Brain Spa

Melt away stress, say goodbye to overthinking, overcome mental challenges, break that addiction, and resolve mental distress once and for all!

We use the latest technology in brain analysis and breathing to help you discover the roots of issues and experience deep healing in a pampering environment...

...AND we focus on making these services available to EVERY single person no matter what because everyone is deserving of quality care and being treated as equal!

(Romans 2:11, 1 Peter 1:17)

Services Overview

All services come with a personalized lifestyle assessment and healthy tracking sheets to foster clean eating, good sleep habits, circadian balance, and EMF/blue light guides for optimal results.

Devices for purchase for home use as well (linked in description)

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4760 Madison Rd. Suite B -- Cincinnati, OH -- 45227 (lower level of Pregnancy Center Plus)
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